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Turning Lead into Gold

Experience modern day alchemy through coaching. Dive into the process that will ignite a series of chain reactions and will accelerate you to transform your heaviest weight into gold. Whether that be the  burden of pain, illness, failed dreams--the weight of feeling lost, overwhelmed or held back… We meet you where you’re at… We discover, clarify, and remember why you’re here; what motivates you in life; who you are; and what’s truly important to you. Together, we then capitalize on your weight experience, use it as leverage, and transform it into wings of personal freedom.

Through a powerful conversation, deep listening, cultivating openness, learning what your burden signals, I guide you to access your inner knowing while you rediscover your natural state of wellbeing and health.  Say YES to to this process of alchemy and come away empowered with tools, motivation, and accountability to take control of life. 

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