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About Me and chocoate

I would love to let you in on a little secret of mine...

I have a love affair with chocolate. Not just any chocolate, 100% Unadulterated Ceremonial-Grade Chocolate, aka Cacao.

It sounds crazy, but 9 years ago I took a sabbatical from the bedside...Something was really forcing me to reevaluate life--a rude awakening, health crisis and a calling... I packed up my bags, left NYC and headed south. Along my travels and volunteer work in Guatemala, I found my heart in a cup of chocolate. I discovered the ancient Mayan tradition of revering chocolate as a means to connection with one's self, loved ones, nature and the Divine. I embarked on quite the journey of leaving the Cardiac ICU to becoming a Chocolate Heart Nurse. I have been in love with the physical and metaphysical benefits of chocolate, and I share its glory, incorporating it with Coaching when it comes to deepening self-acceptance.


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