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Client Stories


Padi, 37

Nurse Midwife

Working with you was one of the best things imaginable to happen in 2020. [...] One of the biggest insights I have discovered is the ability to recognize that I am safe. For most of my life I have thought that I 'have to' operate in a certain way - work, be productive, behave in a certain way - in order to be doing what is right or what I think is expected of me. Being able to approach life through the lens of 'am I cared for?' and 'am I safe?' has been a life changer for me. It really takes away the pressure to perform and allows more being (less doing). 




The greatest benefit is my gain of perspective on what's most important to me. I've found a greater sense of purpose and feel I'm ready to help fight the good fight. I feel supported by my community and with the structure I've gained from your coaching, this will enable me to move forward with much confidence. [...] Many people can benefit from your ability to listen, hold space and empathize with other humans. The world needs more humans like you. 


George, 70

Accountant, CFO

When we first started, I was in a dark place. Like an old sailor, lost in a stormy, tumultuous sea: Pushing 70, with serious health issues, suffering from crushing loneliness, laden by sad memories, and wallowing in despair. A more palpable result of Sita's coaching, was the change in two bad habits that were about to ruin my life: Alcohol Addiction and extreme inactivity, which led to a serious overweight problem. She never dwelled on them, blew them out of proportion, or pressured me to change. Using my own thoughts, words and dreams, not hers, She helped me focus on the issues, big and small, that I care about, and bring me peace and happiness. Through our work, something in me snapped. I realized that I didn't have to drown myself in alcohol anymore. I no longer saw the point. And I lost the taste for it. She is full of wisdom, with medical and professional training, and a rich cultural background, who threw me a life jacket, and rescued me, out of that sea of despair.


Hannah, 33

Director, Global Youth Peace Summit & School of Connection

When I began working with Sita, I was eight months postpartum, had been uprooted for close to four months due to COVID, and had recently moved my family across the ocean. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and struggling to find balance in my life and relationships. 

[...]Since beginning my work with her, I have been able to implement a new health regimen, create a routine and a rhythm in my life that allows space for nutritious meals and taking care of my body, deeper and more authentic communication with my partner, more coherence in my relationships, and greater peace and joy in my day to day experience. In addition to that, I feel a deeper sense of calm and connection within myself and my attunement to what it is that I truly need - with an empowered capacity to actually listen and respond. [...]She was impeccable in holding compassion, empathy, and non-judgement while clearly and firmly guiding me towards the words and feelings and realizations beneath the words. I deeply appreciated the clarity of the space that Sita holds, and feel like it is something I turn to again and again to remember how to orient and what to turn towards. 


Jamuna, 32


Sita has a graceful way of guiding me to uncover hidden truths about myself. In my sessions with her, I have often been surprised about the insight and deep self learning I’ve gained! Before my sessions, my emotional self felt unheard by others and myself. But the way that Sita intuitively listens, has kindly allowed me to begin listening and loving different facets of my own being. Her sweet and gentle disposition have made me feel comfortable in being vulnerable to share my inner world with her. The powerful questions she asks have deepened my direction towards my goals, and I come away from my sessions her with an enriched sense of self and amore honest and peaceful approach to my relationships. 


Shanti, 33

Speech Therapist

Before I started working with Sita I was on the verge of a lot of transition in my life. I had completely burnt out at my old job and had gone back to graduate school to change careers, and on the brink of graduation I wanted to make sure that I could put my best foot forward and grow from past experiences. 

Since working with her, I feel equipped with strategies on tackling a new career. As an unexpected bonus, I have also felt more confidence transfer into my personal life. I’ve become more introspective about my own emotional and physical experiences and have been able to establish healthy boundaries and avenues of communication in interpersonal relationships.  


Lindsey, 38


 I was struggling with many aspects of my life on a deep and practical level. There were many important life changes I wanted and needed to make, and, while I was trying my best with all I had, I was stuck.  Stuck in my anxiety, depression, housing arrangement, financial situation, fatigued uncomfortable body, sometimes bed bound for hours, days, weeks, months at a time. I knew I needed help. I wanted help. I didn’t know by whom, or what kind, or where to start, but I knew that I was ready for whatever work was required on my behalf to find relief. Working with Sita, through our sessions and on my own, my life has changed dramatically!  What unfolded within and following our sessions has been nothing short of life changing for me. I courageously shared my story, and Sita joined me in helping identify goals and strategies to find immediate, consistent relief, and implement changes on a manageable level for me over time.


Ganga, 33

Dance Therapist

Working with Sita has been a gentle process in powerfully sifting through negative stored emotions in my body. She works in profound physical, spiritual and emotional levels equally

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